What Are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Having a Crawl Space?

Have you recently decided to move into a new home, but you have yet to have it designed? Is your builder asking if you want a crawl space in your new home? This can be a difficult question for which to decide an answer because there are a couple options for a home when you want to add space for storage. A crawl space is a popular option to serve as a storage space or simple extra space in your home, but basements and slabs can also be beneficial options as well. If you are unsure whether or not you want a crawl space, you can continue reading to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of having one built into your home.


If you choose to build a crawl space in your home, the heating and cooling systems of your home can be installed inside of it. This way, they can be easily checked and maintained. If you require a repair to the ductwork or even need to fix a crawl space, it can be easily done. Because of the accessibility that comes with a crawl space, repair costs may be much less than if you did not have a crawl space. An adequate-sized crawl space can easily add storage or extra space to your home.


Although excess moisture is often a problem found in basements, it can also occur in crawl spaces. If this problem is not addressed as soon as you find it, it could lead to major damage to your home. Water from storms and your gutters can get into your crawl space and you’re your walls moist. This can be prevented with plastic that overlaps and can work as a barrio to prevent ground moisture. Ventilation can also help to prevent water problems in your crawl space.

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