What Are Passivation Services?

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Passivation services form one component of the overall operations required to take a singular base metal item from rough beginning to finished product. It is a post-fabrication procedure that is frequently used with stainless steel, copper and copper alloys. It is often employed after any of several processing procedures including tumbling and lapping. It is not required in every instance. Specific instances do not require or are counterproductive to passivation.

Why Passivation Services Are Needed

During fabrication, such metals as stainless steel may become embedded with particles of iron, dust, grease, dirt and oils. If these undesirable elements are allowed to remain in the metal, they will corrode. Also, the exterior is negatively affected. The small specks give the overall appearance of the metal having been implanted with rusty red measles. In other words, the particles need to be removed to prevent corrosion and to provide the metal with a clean, unblemished look.

What Is Involved in Employing Passivation Services?

Passivation services or passivating involves treating the metal. It is immersed in a solution. The method may also involve spraying or simply coating the object with a specific solution. The method and the solution are chosen in accordance with the properties of the base metal. It is very important that care must be taken to employ the right chemicals in passivating for this and other reasons.

When this base metal is treated with the passivating solution, a reaction takes place, the particles disappear, dissolved by the chemicals used in the bath or spray. The passivating bath, however, does more than remove the undesired blemishes. The surface is also coated with a protective film. The result is a metal that is both purified and improved. It is now more capable of handling environmental issues that would cause the metal to deteriorate. Although the base metal goes through a passivating process, it is deserving of its name. It is passive and has no affect upon the overall outward appearance of the metal.

Passivation Services: Not Always a Necessity

Passivation services are not always necessary. The treatment may be used, omitted or not employed. It is one tool of several that is used by metal finishing companies, including those who do electroplating and electroless plating, to help ensure the base metal can fight against the corrosive powers of the environment by removing any embedded or surface impediments. At the same time, passivation services, provide the aesthetically pleasing surface that many manufacturers and industries want and need.

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