What Are Misting Systems Used For?

A popular and inexpensive means of keeping cool at home are misting systems. They are one method through which people can cool off in their backyard and on their patio while still enjoying the advantages of summer weather. For these individuals, it is a simple and very effective way to beat the heat and humidity. Yet, misting systems find their use expands far beyond personal and individual use in homes and backyards. This truly is not the only way they can be employed. In fact, such systems are applied in many different types of industrial and commercial enterprises.

What Industries Use Misting Systems?

Misting systems have found their way into many different types of manufacturing facilities and work sites. They are used by the following businesses or industries in their factories or commercial ventures:

* Ammunition Factories
* Automobile Plants
* Construction Sites
* Dairy Industry
* Forging Mills
* Furniture Plants
* Green Houses
* Paper Mills and paper production
* Pharmaceutical Clean Rooms
* Poultry Factory Farms
* Textile Mills
* Wood working Industries

Misting systems are used in these and other industries to provide a cooling effect and other benefits.

Why Do These Industries Employ Misting Systems?

Water misting systems are employed in factories and specific industries for several reasons. Most are related. They rely on misting systems:

* To reduce the amount of humidity
* To provide evaporative cooling
* To act as a form of dust control
* To help suppress dust
* To control static
* To disinfect equipment
* To provide optimum operating of equipment
* To reduce contamination
* To limit exposure from toxic or noxious gases
* To reduce or even eliminate offensive odors;
* To maintain government standards for the safety, health, purity and quality of products
* To maintain government standards for employee safety, health and protection form unseen or known risks

By installing an effective misting system, companies improve their operations and productive capabilities. By relying on a high quality system that is capable of regulating and controlling the humidity and/or the temperature, as well as the dust levels, an industry finds itself proficient in ensuring the factory, plant or warehouse is suitable for employees, equipment and products.

Industries and Misting Systems

Industries have found misting systems to be quite versatile in their application. They know the systems can cool down workers and protect machinery and products. Industrial usage has discovered that misting systems can be successfully and advantageously employed under various conditions and in diverse situations. More importantly for many businesses, misting systems have proven to be beneficially financially. Unlike many other cooling systems, misting systems have proven they are a very cost-effective means of achieving what the industries have expected from them.

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