What are Acceptable Materials for Dumping?

Most people use rental dumpsters to get rid of their excess solid waste. If you are considering exploring this option, you should realize that it is not all types of materials that can be disposed of through a roll off dumpster. While the materials that can be placed in such dumpers will vary from company to company as well as from state to state, you will find that there are materials that are universally prohibited in nearly all dumpster companies.

For instance, you should not dispose of toxic materials, flammable objects, chemicals or electric items in a rented roll off container. Some of the universally Acceptable Materials for dumping in rental dumpsters include:

  • Household waste: You may safely employ roll off dumpsters to clear out your home. Most homeowners prefer to use these dumpsters get rid of unwanted household items, such as books, disused storage boxes and certain types of furniture. However, there are plenty of household items, including computers and televisions that cannot be disposed of using a roll off container. It is essential that you exercise care when deciding what goes into your rental dumpsters.
  • Landscaping waste: Most people find rental containers to be particularly useful when dealing with garden clearance. You can use the containers for transporting turf and various forms of rocks and the earth. However, you should be careful not to overload the dumpster during the transportation of such kind of heavy and compact materials. You should avoid filling the container past halfway to ensure that you don’t exceed the designated weight allowance. These dumpsters can also be employed in transportation of wood, including lumber that has been torn out from a building and trees that have been cut into manageable pieces.
  • Construction waste: Roll off dumpsters are often suitable choices for professional builders all over the world. You can almost be sure to find a roll off dumpster in every construction site. This is because these dumpsters provide an efficient means of getting rid of extremely heavy waste products, including bricks, pipes, tiles, concrete and certain forms of paneling, especially the non-toxic ones.

If you wish to transport such waste products that have not been mentioned above using roll off dumpsters, ensure to consult your dumpster rental company lest you end up incurring heavy fines. Contact Commercial Container Corp. They will advise you some more on Acceptable Materials for dumping.

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