What an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Brings to the Table

Truck accidents often leave the victims with a great deal of damage and bodily harm to handle. Trucks are huge and heavy, and most of the time after an accident, the victims are left with broken bones, head trauma and spinal injuries to deal with. These injuries often lead to extensive and expensive surgeries and a loss of livelihood.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, you may be entitled to a lawsuit against the person who was responsible for the injury. When you hire Wallace Childers PLLC, you will essentially be committing yourself to an experienced team of professionals who have been working with truck accident victims for several years. We always make sure our clients receive the level of settlement they deserve. Our truck accident attorney will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding your case and help you handle the insurance claims.

The right settlement
When you hire a personal injury lawyer, the chances of you getting the right compensation go higher. Almost all accident victim compensations are for the actual physical injury or property losses. However, few people rarely ever think about the emotional toll of the accidents they get into. The pain and mental anguish also deserves a consideration in the compensation. Whatever the case, our lawyers have the right knowledge and judgment to make sure your case receives the attention it deserves.

Complex cases
Truck accidents are complex, with multiple parties involved most of the time. Figuring out the case and who is responsible for the damage might therefore be more difficult than many would think. You need an attorney that can analyze all the evidence, filter out the noise and concentrate on the most important aspects of the case. You need an attorney that will be able to recognize the difficulty in the case, and judge things honestly and objectively.

Litigation and settling
This is sometimes the most difficult decision of all, deciding when to litigate, when to settle and fold the case. Our experience means we know when it makes sense to the client to agree to a settlement deal and when it makes sense for them to go to court.

Compensation matters after traumatic accidents are never easy. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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