Well-Dressed Walls Can Showcase Your NY Style Now and in the Future

Beautiful walls can make a home and can easily be accomplished with designer wallpaper. Venus Williams’ interior design firm, V Starr, was well-celebrated in March for its Muse Collection by Wolf-Gordon and Interior Design. They hosted a cocktail reception for NYC’s A-list designers in the Manhattan art district. All of those in attendance were wowed by not only the amazing views but also the truly dramatic contemporary dance pieces. They were beautifully performed by groups of dancers who wore costumes that were made from some of the award-winning textiles from V Starr.

Adding wallpaper to your home’s décor can make a big impact at a fairly low cost. In fact, wallpaper is the second most popular covering for walls after painting. It’s worth investing in wallpaper since it adds a distinctive touch to a room. Nothing defines and customizes a space quite like wallpaper. Generally speaking, most homeowners either love wallpaper or simply don’t. However, many designers believe that it can literally work for any home. If chosen and installed properly, anybody can have a long and happy relationship with their wallpaper.

There is a wallpaper out there to match anyone’s style and home, no matter how they look or how they are decorated. You’re sure to find one that captures all the hope that you have for your home’s overall design. Wallpaper can also:

• Be low maintenance

• Capture your vibe and style

• Make a statement

• Be featured just like art

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