Welding Services for Quicker Fusion

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Metal Fabrications

For the structural development of many items, welding services are used. There are a number of welding methods that can used to develop products for the manufacturing industry. This practice is used to fuse pieces of metals or high temperature plastics together for either artistic or functional purposes.

Welding Process
The process of welding has been around for years. As product needs have changed, new methods have been developed that can be used. Common processed include using pressure to form two metals, melting metals to unite them or the use of gases to do so.

Industries Serviced
From automobiles to airplanes, tractors and trailers, welding helps creates items for these industries and many more.

Types of Welding Services
Welding is a fine art that takes years of practice and exposure to gain expertise. Some of the processes that have proven to be most successful in welding are:

  • Gas Tungsten Welding
  • Electroslag welding
  • Stick Welding
  • Flux-core welding

Gas Tungsten Welding uses the chemical element Tungsten to fuse metal together. The Tungsten works in conjunction with an electrode to initiate an arc. In conjunction with the arc, an inert gas is used to protect the area being worked on.

Electroslag process actually uses an electric arc initiated from a piece of wire placed in the desired area. Flux is then fed into the area. Once the flux meets the arc the arc goes out. This process can be performed very quickly.

Stick Welding also uses an electrode and flux. It simply is held in place until both have completely melted together. As these two melt, they form a fusion to the metal pieces surrounding them.

Flux-core welding is a semi-automatic process. Electricity is used along with an electrode and flux just as in stick welding. The difference is that the electricity powers the process. This makes it easier for people to quickly use this method.

Welding services are the glue that holds together so much of what we see and use on a daily basis. From the bridges we drive over, to the buildings in which we visit and work – this key range of services is instrumental in making many things simply function properly.

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