Welding Metal Fabrication And Certification

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Metal Fabrications

Today fabricators hire qualified workers to ensure they can remain competitive. In an ever-evolving marketplace, it is always important to maintain the highest standards in all aspects of metalwork. In welding, metal fabrication shops need to consider the advantages of hiring certified welders.

What Are Certified Welders?

Certified welders are those who have a certificate of qualification for specific welds from any of the following organizations:
The American Welding Society (AWS)
The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
The American Petroleum Institute (API)

If the company has an on-site certified welding inspector, it can provide the necessary testing for the prerequisite simple or more complex types of welds.

In addition to proving the ability to perform certain types of welding, metal fabrication shops use certification and testing to provide them with the information on what types of welding equipment the welder is familiar with and qualified to use. The most basic tests examine the welder’s skill on the following:

Stick welding
TIG welding
MIG Welding
Flux Core Arc Welding
These comprise the basic tools of many qualification tests.

What Hire Certified Welders?

Certification generally indicates the capability of a welder to perform a certain type of welding. It means they offer a specific type of expertise in their area. They are skilled welders, capable of addressing the concerns and issues that fall within the parameters of their skill-set. An up-to-date certification in-hand indicates the welder is capable of producing a weld that meets the prescribed standards – both visual and tested. It also indicates the welder performed the welding procedure to welding procedure specifications (WPS). It also means the weld is of sound quality and up to code.

Welding, Metal Fabrication, and Certification

Certification offers the welder and the shop certain advantages. In offering certified welding, metal fabrication shops improve their credibility as serious contenders. They are indicating they are serious about quality work being done by experienced and qualified personnel according to code.

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