Weathertech Digitalfit Floor Liners for Low Maintenance and Quality Protection

Whether you use your truck for work like farming and construction or your vehicle is the main transportation for your family, it is important to find protection for your car floors, to make clean up easy and help keep your car’s interior intact and in great condition. In order to achieve easy clean up and durable protection against dirt, grime, and spills, you can take advantage of the benefits offered by Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners.

Weathertech Technology Offers Durability and Easy Maintenance

From work trucks to family vans, Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners can provide protection against mud, moisture, and other messes left behind by a hard day at work or daily travel with your family. With Digtalfit technology, each of the Weathertech floor liners are measured and designed specifically for your vehicle’s make and model to ensure that the interior carpet completely protected from any dirt, debris, or moisture. The snug and accurate fit of these mats ensures that you have worry-free protection for your vehicle’s interior flooring.

The ultimate strength and durability of these mats is possible due to their core made from high density material. The patent pending High-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material provides rigid strength as well as strong surface friction to the carpet for stability and eliminates slipping or sliding of the mat for a safe fit. The durability of these mats offers you a long-life of protection and convenience when compared to other rubber or carpet mats available on the market.

In addition to rigid core strength, the advanced surfacing technology is equipped with channels that are able to carry fluids and debris, from muddy shoes, drink spills, or dirty clothing, to a lower reservoir that is also equipped with channeling to avoid movement of sitting fluids that could damage other areas of the vehicles interior. The channels trap the fluid in the lower reservoir, keeping it from damaging shoes and clothing while driving and can be easily removed via the over door sill.

Benefits of Using Weathertech Liners and Mats

With high tech protection, the Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners allow you to protect the resale value of your vehicle by helping preserve the look and quality of your interior vehicle footwalls. Rear floor mats are also available, which can help you contain messes in your family vehicle from children or pets, providing convenience with easy clean up and quality protection.

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