Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Remodel in Westminster CO

While there might not be a lot of room to add a lot of large features, there are ways that you can remodel a small bathroom so that you have more storage and so that you get an updated look. When planning your remodel, think about whether or not you can remove a wall or two for additional space so that you can add more amenities.


One of the things to get creative with during a small bathroom remodel in Westminster, CO is the storage space. If you’re not able to expand, then you can always go up the walls with shelves. Use baskets of various sizes or baskets that are designed specifically for each member of the family with children decorating their own so that they’re personal. You can also put hooks on the walls for additional storage so that you can hang towels or corded items.


A way that you can make a small bathroom appear larger is by installing lighting that’s brighter. Hang lights above the mirror so that they can reflect toward other areas of the room. Hanging fixtures can also make darker spaces feel larger.

Smaller Necessities

Even though you’re probably going to need a sink, toilet, and shower, you might not need the largest of each of these items. During a small bathroom remodel in Westminster CO, consider a pedestal sink that doesn’t take up a lot of room, a smaller toilet, and a walk-in shower instead of one that’s combined with a tub.

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