Ways to Get Fuller Hair

Many people are unhappy with some aspect of their hair. You may feel that your hair isn’t voluminous enough. Thankfully there are a number of things you can do to get that full head of hair you want. Special shampoos and other products can help, as can different methods of styling. You can also get extensions that clip into your hair, providing full body.

Shampoos and Other Products

There are a number of different shampoos that are formulated to provide volume. Good quality shampoo can increase body, without adding a bunch of residue. If you find your shampoo leaving residue behind, try a different brand, and always make sure you rinse well. There are also mousses, sprays, and gels, all designed to give your hair a boost. Try a few out to find what works for your hair.


There are styling techniques that can make your hair appear fuller. A lot of women have success with backcombing. This needs to be done sparingly, and with care. Also make sure that you are gentle when brushing out your backcombing, as it can cause breakage if you are too rough. To add volume to your style, backcomb an inch or so from your roots. Add some hairspray for all day hold, and you should be ready to rock the town.


If either of those options do not give you the results you are looking for, you can look into getting extensions. There are many options to look at for extensions. Human hair extensions that clip in is a good, high quality option. They style like normal hair, because it is normal hair. A salon can match your hair color and type, so that they match seamlessly. They can also add length to your style, if you are interested in that. Your stylist can cut them down to suit whatever look you are after.

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