Warehouse Racking System: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?

So, you own or rent a warehouse and want to store your products. The first step is establishing the best storage system. The storage method should make good use of the space available and protect the products from damage.

Warehouse racking is also known as pallet racking. It is one of the best storage solutions for mass storage. Usually, these goods are placed on pallets or skids.

Pallet racks are well-loved in the warehousing community. After all, they utilize space and provide quick and easy access to products in storage. However, apart from maximizing storage space, pallet racks have many benefits.

The Perks of Pallet Racking in Warehouses

The benefits of pallet racking go beyond space utilization. You can also quantify these perks based on economic value and higher throughput. The benefits include:

• Efficient Storage : Palletized products should be stacked up to three layers high before collapsing. However, manufacturers can go up to seven stacks high with pallet racks. Vertical storage is mostly underused in warehouses. Luckily, pallet racks make proper use of this space. Besides, most warehouses have high ceilings. Therefore, you need racks that accommodate higher bays.

• Easy Organization : Stockpiling is not a suitable organizational method because it is space-consuming. Moreover, it isn’t easy to group products in the warehouse. Fortunately, pallet racking systems allow you to store different goods and save up on space.

• Reduced Damage on Goods : Palletized racks are not piled on top of each other. Therefore, there is little to no contact between goods. Also, moving goods from one place to another is unnecessary because the racks allow you to view goods in storage easily.

• Encourage Storage Automation : A racking system makes it easier to automate warehouse processes. In addition, the use of guided forklifts and smart conveyor systems is easier with pallet racking.

Using pallet racks reduces labor costs and provides automation solutions for large industries.
Warehouses are perfect for the storage of goods. However, that does not mean they should be disorganized. Racking systems ensure products are safe from damage and are easily accessible when need be.

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