Want to Design Perennial Beds and Borders? Perennial Garden Designers Can Help

Perennial beds and borders can serve to provide splashes of color and texture to your garden. It is therefore essential that you learn some basic gardening techniques that are used by professional Perennial Garden Designers to create attractive garden beds and borders. Some of these techniques are not complicated; you can easily apply them in your garden as discussed below.

To begin with, you should note that perennials are best displayed together in a huge flower bed or space that permits a long border of meandering form or firm boundaries. Such methods of perennial growing are essentially very practical; you may perform the basic tasks easily, including preparing the soil, planting the perennials together and caring for them.

Secondly, consider the proportionality between the size of your home and the proposed garden bed. For instance, if your house is big, you should create wider beds and have taller plants. In contrast, a smaller house is better served by a number of smaller beds, as well as lower-growing plants.

In addition, ensure to match the garden style with the existing structures in your home. For example, a casual bungalow or cottage will require the creation of an informal perennial garden, preferably one with wavy-edged boundaries. On the other hand, a larger home with stronger architectural elements will need a more formal and straighter-edged approach.

Moreover, you should consider the height and width of your garden. You need to be patient and can imagine the future, especially because new plants are often small in size. Discover your selected plants’ expected sizes when they mature and allow them enough growing room in your plan. Strategically position the taller growing plants at the back of the border. If you require help in visualizing, you may employ some software programs that will allow you to see how your garden will look like once the plants have matured.

You may save yourself a lot of efforts and avoid wasting money by hiring professional Perennial Garden Designers to design your perennial beds and borders. Such designers can create a diversity of plants while ensuring that each plant stands out. Contact Bednar Landscape Services Inc., for all your landscaping needs.

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