Visit an ENT for Hearing Tests in Lancaster, PA, to Improve Quality of Life

Hearing loss can affect those of all ages, and it can occur due to a number of diverse causes. While some cases of hearing loss are easily curable, some require more intense treatments to resolve. For help with suspected hearing loss and to learn what options for improvement are available, patients are encouraged to visit Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster for a consultation and exam. By determining the cause of hearing loss, these doctors help patients improve their quality of life through better hearing.

Hearing loss can be caused by many different factors that range from minor to serious. Issues as simple as wax buildup in the ears can impede the hearing process and make sounds muffled. Ear infections and problems with the inner tubes the ears can also make it difficult to hear properly, especially if infections are chronic. Other problems like ringing in the ears, also known as tinnitus, and exposure to extremely loud sounds can also cause hearing loss. Whether this loss is temporary or permanent must be determined by an ENT specialist. After receiving Hearing Tests in Lancaster PA and a diagnosis, treatment options can begin.

When the causes of hearing loss cannot be remedied using simple treatment options, the use of hearing aids or surgery may be needed. In most cases, hearing loss can be offset through the use of hearing aids that attach directly to the ear or are placed just inside the ear canal. While most people are familiar with the outward appearance of traditional hearing aids, many do not realize that there are more discrete options available. One aid known as Lyric fits snugly inside the ear and is invisible to others. In other cases, surgery to implant a cochlear device in the ear is more appropriate. Only an ENT specialist can decide which type of hearing aid is best for a patient.

When hearing loss begins to affect someone’s life, it is necessary to visit an ENT for treatment. In many cases, hearing loss is only temporary or can be easily resolved with simple treatments. If hearing loss cannot be reversed, an ENT can help find the best hearing aid to suit each patients’ needs by using hearing tests in Lancaster, PA. With help from specialists, many people can enjoy improved hearing and a higher quality of life.

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