Victoria’s Secret on Broadway

Located at 2333 Broadway, Victoria’s Secret is very convenient to many new residents to the city who have recently moved permanently into attractively furnished New York apartments. Although the popular stores are well known for their beautiful lingerie, there are tons of other new Easy Piece styles at Victoria’s Secret.

One Cool Selection of Pants

Don’t you just love Moto Pants? You know, Moto Pants – the ones that are sort of like sweats, but feel like a pair of leggings. They are now available in all sorts of colors here, and you will definitely get hooked on them (if you aren’t already) on a daily basis. As you walk around your fully furnished New York apartment or the neighborhoods that surround them, you’ll feel like you’re in your living room in a pair of house pants, but look like you’re ready to go out to happy hour.

While you’re there at the store on Broadway, check out the slim new denim they have on stock, too. Yes, Victoria’s Secret has the slick Pencil Jeans that you love as well, along with the Metro Bootie styles that go with just about anything in your closet.

The Cutest Skirts and Dresses in the World

The new light and breezy Sequin Skirts are simply adorable. You’ll charm everyone you stride past in it without having to say a word. They hang about mid-thigh, and pair great with a solid color sweater. Speaking of sweaters, how about a sweater dress? They’re really called Cable Dresses, and are perfect for those days when you just don’t know what you wanna put on (how many of those mornings have you had this week, switching from outfit to outfit in the bedroom mirror of your furnished New York apartment?) The very relaxed Ruffle Dresses are also good for those types of indecisive accessorizing frenzies, plus you can wear them during just about any season of the year!

Simple Overcoats and Vests

When it comes to these, you definitely want something that’ll coordinate with your wardrobe. Those really slick Parkas with the leather-like finish are on the display at Victoria’s Secret, just waiting for you to don them this autumn. When shoppers who are new to the city walk outside of their furnished New York apartments for the first time in the fall, they initially notice how it can get really nippy in the latter months of the year. That’s why the new Leather Vests are also really popular right now, especially the ones with the vertical and horizontal zippers on the front. This is the perfect finishing piece whether you have on slacks or jeans, and the darker ones go well with the Fitted Boy Shirts, which are not far from that area of the store.

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