Varicose Veins: Complications, Treatment and Self-Care

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Health

Varicose veins

These are large veins visible under the surface of your skin. The condition is often accompanied by mild swelling in your ankles and feet and often leads to painful or achy, heavy legs, says the NIH. It also comes with throbbing or cramping in your legs. Discoloration is common or typical as well in the area around the affected veins.

Possible complications

Left untreated, this condition could lead dermatitis, which is basically an itchy rash. This can develop in your lower leg or ankles or even cause bleeding and skin ulcers (also known as sores) if the skin ends up getting scratched or irritated. In a worst case scenario, it could lead to superficial thrombophlebitis or a blood clot in your in vein.


If you’re looking for varicose veins treatment in the Bay Area, no worries. There are plenty of non-invasive measures or procedures you can go for. Do your research and consult with a doctor. That way, you’ll know what your options are before you proceed.


Taking care of yourself is also important. If you want better results, then regular exercise and taking measures to lose excess weight can make a difference. Also, try to spend less time standing or sitting down. This will also help ease the pain as well as prevent your varicose veins from getting worse.

Compression stockings

While looking for varicose veins treatment in the Bay Area is a smart move, taking additional measures to resolve your problem won’t hurt like wearing compression stockings. Prescription strength stockings are available as well and are a good first step to try before you move on to other treatments.

Wear the right shoes and clothes

Stay away from high heels. Low-heeled shoes are better for your veins. Tight clothes around your waist or legs can reduce blood flow and make the condition worse so skip these as well.

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