Using SMS Text Marketing to Build a Powerful Subscriber Base

If you regularly need to interact with business contacts, then SMS text marketing is one of the most powerful ways to perform this task. SMS stands for ‘Short Message Service’. It uses a permission-based text messaging system, and combined as a marketing tool it can help you effectively propagate your promotional messages for business purposes. Obtaining email addresses of prospects is an easier task than gathering there mobile phone numbers, however obtaining these phone numbers can be very valuable.

Prospects read the vast majority of the text messages they receive, which is good for those wishing to market services and products via text message.

The Goal of SMS Text Marketing

One of the major objectives of businesses when they use SMS marketing is to build up a list of subscribers for their products and/or services. If your business is running a short term offer in your local area, text messages can be an effective way to notify your target audience. In addition, this type of marketing can help you keep customers up to speed with your calendar of events, as well as obtain their opinions through polls or surveys.

Some of the messages you can send to your contact list through SMS marketing, include:

Text Message

You may simply send your prospect or customer a standard text message about anything related to your products, services, or business in general. You can even schedule a series of these text messages to be sent at particular dates and times through a method called drip marketing.


Through SMS text marketing, you can have your customers participate in certain types of contests that give them a chance to provide feedback for a prize. Within a dashboard setting you can view your participants’ contact information and choose someone at random if you wish to receive the prize. This can help you foster engagement with your audience.

GEO-based Marketing

The practice of geo-marketing enables you to contact clients who are within your targeted service area with your marketing information. You can use this method to offer your customers special offers.

Surveys and Polls

Another way to encourage engagement among your audience is to have them participate in polls or surveys online. The results of these polls and surveys can also help you make effective business decisions based on the results provided by your audience.

Mobile Coupons

You can also use SMS text marketing to offer electronic coupons to your contacts. One option is to offer a coupon in exchange for opting in to your website or some type of special offer or promotion.

SMS text marketing is a very powerful tool to reach your audience. However, as you use this tool make sure you always keep your customers informed that they are actually opting in. Also give them the opportunity to always opt out, and make sure they understand that fees may apply.

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