Using Gutter Guards in Lexington KY To Keep Pests Away From A Rooftop

When someone lives in a wooded area, it is likely they have concerns about pests causing damage to their home. Since pests can get on top of a roof, taking steps to safeguard this area is a must. Here are some tips that will be useful in thwarting possible pest invasions with rooftop maintenance.

Take Time To Evaluate The Condition Often

It is important to get up on a rooftop to take a look at its overall condition on a frequent basis. Check for shingles that appear to have been gnawed or scratched, as well as droppings that may have been left on top of them. If signs of a pest problem are present, a call to a pest control company be-be needed. Another call can be made to a roofer to make necessary fixes. If a homeowner does not feel comfortable getting on their roof themselves, a roofing service can be hired to do an evaluation of them.

Trim Back Any Limbs To Keep Pests Away

If there are several trees around a home, any limbs that hang over a rooftop can cause troubles to the shingles below. It is best to have these limbs trimmed, so the rooftop is not shaded in any way. This will keep pests from using the limbs as bridges to the rooftop, and will also keep debris from falling on shingles as well.

Use Guards To Keep Gutters Protected

Gutter Guards in Lexington KY can be positioned over a gutter system to help keep pests from getting inside. Insects, rodents, and birds tend to be drawn to gutters if they have moisture inside of them. A guard will keep these creatures from gaining access to a water supply, making it more likely they will move on to other areas instead of focusing on the rooftop area.

When there is a desire to have Gutter Guards in Lexington KY placed on a home, calling the right service to do the job is important. Visit Affordable Exteriors today to find out more about the many services they provide to their customers. A call can then be made to make an appointment.

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