Using Glass Services in Santa Clarita, CA

When a window in the home becomes cracked, it will be necessary to contact a company that provides Glass Services in Santa Clarita CA to replace it promptly. Failing to replace a broken window pane with a new one can be dangerous to those who come into contact with it. To avoid injury, it is best to stay away from the window until a professional arrives to evaluate the damage. If the pane is one of several smaller panes, such as in a door, the homeowner may be able to do the replacement on their own. Here are some steps they can use to get the job done properly.

Removing The Broken Pane

It will be best to place a tarp on the ground so any pieces of glass have a safe area to fall on when removing the pane from the window frame. The homeowner can use pieces of masking tape to keep the shards from scattering. A hammer can be used to lightly tap the glass from the frame. Afterward, a pair of tweezers can be used to remove any remnants left behind. It is important that gloves and goggles are worn when working with glass.

Placing The New Pane

A new pane of glass can be obtained from a glass supply service. Glass putty will adhere it securely to the frame. This substance is rolled into cylindrical shapes and pressed against each edge of the glass. It needs to be centered width-wise over the edge of the glass and the edge of the frame. This will need to be done on each side of the glass pane. The putty will harden. Any excess putty can be removed with a utility knife. The frame can then be repainted if necessary.

If someone decides to try replacing damaged glass on their own, they can acquire a new pane of glass from a company that specializes in Glass Services in Santa Clarita CA. One can visit website of a reputable glass service company in their area to find out details. If desired, the service can be dispatched to the home to do the replacement as well.

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