Unusual Situations Could Crop Up During Cases Handled by a Drug Lawyer in Hillsboro MO

Most cases handled by a Drug Lawyer in Hillsboro MO are relatively straightforward. Often, the client chooses to plead guilty in exchange for reduced charges or a relatively lenient sentence, a negotiation known as a plea bargain. Sometimes the client wants to go to trial and be found innocent by a judge and jury. In some instances, the lawyer can find a way to convince the judge to dismiss the case, or the prosecution to drop the charges or reduce them significantly without any plea bargain.

Sometimes, however, unusual things happen during drug-related cases. Those events may be odd enough to make the local or even the national news. Occasionally the occurrence actually helps the client, but often it’s a curiosity that has no effect on the case outcome.


An example of a situation in which the client could benefit from something unusual is when the defense lawyer’s investigators discover that the arrest was caught on a security camera somewhere in the vicinity. An individual observer also might have managed to record the arrest on a cell phone camera. With these cameras so prevalent nowadays, being filmed while out in public is not entirely uncommon.

How could the defendant benefit? Recently, a camera appears to have caught a law enforcement official planting drugs before arresting someone. The case is still in process, so it’s unclear how it will turn out, but this certainly gives the defendant leverage.

Disappearing Evidence

Another odd event from the summer’s news was an incident in which opioid drug evidence disappeared during a trial. The defendant’s attorney believes that one of the jurors stole the evidence. This lawyer has requested dismissal of the charges or, at the least, a new trial.

Effective Strategies

A Drug Lawyer in Hillsboro MO may never encounter situations like these but is always alert to possible strategies for helping clients. More typical effective techniques include discovering improper actions by police officers or the mishandling of evidence outside of the courtroom. Attorneys with an organization such as Wegmann Law Firm may advocate for leniency from prosecutors and judges by emphasizing positive characteristics of clients and their clean legal record so far. Click Here to learn more about this particular firm.

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