Unique Ways to Update Your Pool

If you look at your pool and think it is boring, you may want to update it. Of course there are the usual updates like adding LED lights, retiling or lining the pool. However, if you want a truly unique pool renovation in Scottsdale you should consider these unique ideas.

Add a slide:

There are so many things you can do with a slide. Make sure, before you decide on one, that you consider the amount of space required. Most will need at least 7’ by 15’. There may also be a depth minimum to slide into, which is usually about 42”.

Add a fire feature:

Installing fire bowls will add light at night and provide a calming effect during the day. Dancing flames with glass beads will create visual drama. For extra drama you can add a fire pit to each corner of the pool.

Add a water feature:

You can create a spa-like atmosphere with a waterfall. There are many different types of materials and styles to choose from. Some options include a rainfall curtain, water wall, spillover, and fountains. On average a feature like these can cost between $8,000 and $10,000. Keep the extra cost in mind when budgeting for your pool renovation. Also consider more water, accessory and electricity costs.

Add a spa:    

Again, there are many options when adding a spa to your pool. You can do a detached spa, spillover spa, attached spa or an integrated spa. If you decide to do a detached spa, keep in mind that you want a unified look. To do this, repeat shapes, materials and patterns.

Change the shape of your pool:

You can completely change the look of your pool by adding curves, changing the shape or making it larger. There is the classic rectangle pool, geometric pools and of course custom pools. The infinity pool is very popular nowadays and is a great idea, especially if your backyard has a beautiful view.

Expand the renovation to the whole backyard:

Adding a kitchen, fireplace, gazebo or other features are a great idea. If you are renovating, think about more than just the pool.

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