Understanding the Difficulty of Drug Rehab: Why Relapse Occurs

Unfortunately, not everyone who undergoes drug treatment in Los Angeles is able to successfully kick the habit for good – especially the first time they undergo treatment. Still, all is not lost. Understanding why relapses occur is important for anyone attempting to overcome their addictions.

Social and Environmental Factors

Social and environmental factors heavily influence the potential for relapse since they are actually two of the most common reasons why people turn to illegal substances. For example, environmental factors in the form of an abusive home environment, poverty, neglect and other similar instances could cause a person to use drugs in order to escape from what they believe to be a painful existence. On the other hand, social factors in the form of peer pressure, the desire to fit in and the supposed “acceptability” of taking in small quantities of drugs (which is not advisable at all) heavily influences the likelihood of someone developing a drug addiction. If a person is constantly exposed to the social and environmental factors that caused them to take drugs in the first place, then it is not surprising that they end up relapsing after treatment since the source of their drug addiction has not be addressed.

Physical and Psychological Dependence

While numerous people know the concept behind addiction, what few people realize is that it is often an effect and not necessarily the cause behind a person taking drugs. For some drug addicts, being addicted to drugs is due to how they use the substance as a means of addressing some deep-seated problems. Instances such as extreme depression and the desire to feel better due to being in an abusive relationship are two of the literally hundreds of reasons why people turn towards the use of drugs.

These individuals basically utilize drugs as a crutch so that they will not have to directly confront the problems that are affecting their lives. Unfortunately, the longer they use the drugs the more they develop a physical and psychological dependency which manifests in the addiction that people see. The reason why celebrities seem to always go back to their drug habits is simply because they do not allow the rehab center to help address the underlying causes of their addiction.

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