Understanding the Benefits of Swedish Massage

Our fast-paced, hectic modern lives can leave us tired and aching. The right massage type can help – it can relax you, help you unwind, and even offer some serious health benefits. Swedish massage from a Lomita massage therapist can provide you with the means to relax and unwind, but what else can this treatment offer?

Improved Flexibility

Limited flexibility can do more than just limit your range of movement. It can lead to easier strains and sprains, making you more prone to serious injury. It can also be painful. Swedish massage can be used to improve the flexibility of tendons within your body through gentle yet persistent manipulation. Not only can this massage type help address existing discomfort, but it can be used to help prevent injuries, as well.

Reduced Blood Pressure

One of the most interesting aspects of Swedish massage, and most other types of massage for that matter, is its ability to reduce high blood pressure. This is due to several factors. One of those is the improved blood flow to muscles. There is also the fact that alleviating the symptoms of physical stress in the body can also reduce high blood pressure. Finally, there is the human connection – our bodies crave human touch, and it can help with a wide range of conditions, from chronic stress to hypertension.

Better Pain Management

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Whether you have an old sports injury that still bothers you, you’re recovering from surgery, you were involved in an auto accident or something else, Swedish massage from a Lomita massage therapist can help you address and manage your pain. Physical manipulation of scar tissue and the skin and muscle surrounding it can reduce your levels of pain, speed healing through better blood flow and oxygenation and more. All of this is accomplished without the use of any pain medications, too.


Finally, you’ll find that Swedish massage is useful for those going through physical rehabilitation. You might have had surgery, or been involved in a serious accident. Whatever the case, loss of muscle mass and range of motion does not have to affect your life forever. The right type of massage can help you heal and recover more quickly.

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