Types Of Watch Display Units

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Jewelry Boxes

If you want to display watches in your shop, you can adopt a number of approaches. It will depend on several factors including the types of watches you have on sale. If you have on hand Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Hublot, you might want to showcase them specifically. While you may be content to display your average watch in a plain unadorned manner, this may not be true for your high-end items. A watch display for an exquisite Cartier woman’s watch may command a little more thought.

Types of Display Techniques and Devices

You have more than one option to display even the most humble watch. Jewelers and watch sellers have a variety of means of promoting these items. Among them are:

 * Display Stands: Watch display stands can be singular devices. They may come in plastic or metal. The more expensive ones are created of black velvet. Watch display stands can stand alone on a countertop or be placed as part of a larger display setting. Some watch stands even mimic the human hand adding a sculptural effect to the display
 * Cases: Cases containing watches are common. They come with glass or acrylic tops and sides. They may have wood or metal frames. The illumination may back light them or our n from the sides
 * Display Towers: Towers hold several watches. These generally small to medium-sized containers are split-level display units. They allow for the placement of multiple watches. These do not showcase an item but are great for bulk displays
 * Wall Units: These can display exclusive items in an appropriate background and apart from the multitude of similar pieces. They can also show off random pieces in a way that draws attention to this watch display
 * Presentation Boxes: Like display stands, presentation boxes are meant for a single watch to occupy. When positioned in the appropriate environment, these containers can make even the cheapest watch look expensive
 * Storage Trays: Watch trays can display several similar models of watches. They can also act as a storage unit
Variations on these different types of watch displays are possible. Some may be stationary while others are portable. Some may rotate; others do not.
For all types of display stands for watches, expensive and cheap, materials, colors and options will vary. It is very important to understand how to go beyond the basics and create a design that will capture attention.

Watch Display Reality

A watch retailer needs to employ a variety of display units in his or her store. However, he or she also needs to understand the basic principles of design. Without this comprehension, his watch display cases, stands and boxes will not be the promotional devices that can help give some watch shops an edge over others.

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