Two Important Questions Answered About Pest Control In Puyallup, Wa

When homeowners spy pests in their house, it’s time to contact a professional company for pest control in Puyallup Wa. Insects multiply at a rapid rate and, if they aren’t eradicated as quickly as possible, they will only continue to get worse. The information below will answer some of the most commonly asked questions about pest control for an insect infestation inside the home.

Is it a good idea for homeowners to use home remedies or store-bought bug control substances?

Although many homeowners feel they can save money by using home remedies or store-bought products to control insects, these methods rarely work. While some of the insects may be eradicated, they won’t get rid of a full-blown insect infestation. Professional companies have pest control products that are very powerful to get rid of the insects. It’s also important to use the correct product, and professionals know which products work the best for each type of insect. Pest control companies also use products that are safe for family members and pets in the home. Store-bought products often contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous.

How can homeowners keep insects from coming back into the house after they have professional pest control service?

Insects will always try to find their way into a person’s home and, if the conditions are right in the house, the bugs will stay. Many insects often look for areas in the home that provide water and a food source. These essentials are often easy for them to find in someone’s home. Homeowners can deter insects by keeping food stored in proper containers and by removing food crumbs from counters, tables, and floors. Homeowners should also look for any water leaks in the home and make the necessary repairs. Many homeowners contact professional companies that provide pest control in Puyallup Wa for pest control maintenance throughout the year. This type of preventive service keeps bugs away from the outside and inside of the home.

Keep pests out of the home by contacting Long Pest Control Inc. This experienced company provides pest control for various insects including ants, termites, cockroaches, and fleas. They also offer preventative insect control by periodically coming to the home and performing interior and exterior pest control maintenance.

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