Turn Your Friendly Poker Game into Fun with Chocolate Poker Chips

Imagine the expression on your guests faces when they realize that they are playing with chocolate poker chips instead of the traditional plastic chips! Adding chocolate poker chips to your friendly card game takes the competition up to a new level. Just because you are not playing for cash it does not mean that you should not win something.

Make it Memorable

Gathering with friends and family is always a good way to spend the evening. Adding something a little sweet to the pot makes it more fun. Competing for a delicious treat really amps up the fun! When the pot starts loading up with all those delectable chocolate chips you will see how the heat gets turned up on the competition. Choosing chocolate over traditional plastic chips makes card night more memorable.

They Taste Good

You would not expect something that is so novel to taste so good but when you order your chips from the right source you get great taste and fun novelty rolled into one.

Start the Games

Order your chips then invite your guest and let the fun unfold. This option is not only great for your personal card night but they are a great option for:

  • Charity events
  • Promotional events
  • Civic groups
  • Organized card games in nursing homes, parks and other areas

These fun poker chips get everyone involved. Whether your event is for a small intimate group or a large group adding edible poker chips is a great way to add to the festivities. They look great, they taste amazing and they make the games so much more fun! Chocolate Coinz is a great source for your poker chips, medallions and coins. Order yours today for your next card night or event and wow your guests!

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