Truck Load Brokers: Handling FTL and LTL Services

Many different people are part of the transportation process. They range from those who maintain the roads, to those who produce the products, to the shippers who send them and, of course the drivers who actually transport the goods. In transportation services, brokers play a vital role. Truck load brokers provide valuable services to both shippers and motor vehicle carriers.

What Is a Truck Load?

While some truck load brokers handle less than a load (LTL), many more focus on providing full truckloads. A truck load (TL), is usually synonymous with a full truck load (FTL). It is a shipment that:

1. Weighs more than 10,000 pounds or
2. Fills up the entire space of a truck trailer space

TLs also differ from LTLs in another way. Rarely does LTL go straight from pick-up to end delivery. TLs do go directly from the shipper to the destination without transferring from one truck to another one.

What Is a Truck Load Broker?

The individual who handles both FTLs and LTLs is a freight or truck load broker. These professional individuals and/or companies offer a variety of services that prove invaluable to both the carriers and the actual shippers. As a type of intermediary, truck load brokers endeavor to make both parties happy, striving to make sure each receives a good deal.

For the shipper, a truck or freight broker helps it to find a carrier that meets the needs as well as time and budgetary restrictions. This involves the broker using resources beyond the purview of the shipper. For a commission or flat fee, freight brokers locate a carrier company that truly delivers. Many different companies benefit from hiring a truck load broker. Whether they require their services for short or long term, TLs or LTLs, these experts provide a necessary service. This is particularly true for small companies.

Small companies are less likely to have on staff their own shipping experts, let alone a department devoted to arranging the best possible shipping deals. Moreover, a small company is less likely to be in a position to obtain discount rates for large, steady shipments. It is in a situation where they must pay standard shipping rates. A broker can change that by utilizing his or her contacts to negotiate a better deal. This results in the overall shipping costs for the small company and increases the potential for successfully surviving another year.

Truck Load Brokers

In today’s transportation systems, competition requires finding means to reduce shipping costs while ensuring all products arrive intact and on time. While some companies continue to operate their own in-house logistics teams, others have turned to an alternative that will help them move their LTLs and FTLs. These are the professionals known as freight or truck load brokers.

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