Troubleshooting LED Transformer And Other Power Issues

As more and more people are converting their residential lights to LED and more businesses are going to this low energy use type of lighting, there is a need to learn the basics to be able to do some simple troubleshooting. By knowing where to look and what to consider you can determine if the problem has to do with the LED transformer or if it is another type of power supply issue.

The transformer in a LED low voltage system may also be known as an LED driver. It is what actually converts the power from the main, the line into your home or business that powers everything, to the low voltage power your LED lights require.

It is essential to make sure you have the right LED components on the system. You cannot combine different power supplies and transformers and expect the system to work. In fact, what can happen is an increased risk of a fire, and less of a lifespan for both the bulbs and the fixtures.

The Right Power Supply

While this may seem very obvious, double checking to make sure you have the right LED transformer for the lighting fixture or system is often a simple fix. Many times when people buy the system piece by piece, or even with help from a technician at a hardware store, it is very likely that something was selected that isn’t the same voltage and power.

Each component in the system, including the transformer, will have the voltage and power requirements clearly printed on the component. There is another component to consider as well, which is if the system is constant current LED or constant voltage LED. This information should be available from the fixture manufacturer or through any online website selling the same product.

Heat Problems

The power supply for your LED lighting does heat up, and it is designed with ventilation to provide dissipation for the heat. If the power supply is positioned so that ventilation area is blocked, or if it is in direct sunlight or direct heat from a register or furnace duct, you may have issues with overheating of the power supply.


Sometimes the LED transformer is blamed for flickering or flashing of the bulbs, or even random changes in the amount of light. This can be a result of a mismatch between the transfer and the fixture, or it may even be a problem at the switch, particularly if you are using a dimmer.

It is a good idea to talk to an electrician if you can’t quickly identify the issue with the light problems. It may require using a multimeter to check the various connections and to determine where, and if, there is a problem the fixture, wiring or the actual transformer itself.

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