Tree Pruning in East Lyme CT Has Seen (and Unseen) Protective Benefits

Tree Pruning in East Lyme CT is an expected part of home ownership and landscape maintenance. The benefits are often obvious and seen. A spruced landscape is cleaner and more appealing. But, there are unseen benefits that are worth noting. These benefits could save the home from a major disaster, or save the time from a major lawsuit.

Insect Control

There are insects everywhere. They are a necessary part of the larger animal ecosystem, and some of them are highly favored in the garden and landscape. Others are a disaster not just for the landscape, but for the entire home. Tree pruning will diminish the potential for an infestation in Connecticut. The Connecticut government lists some of the most popular insect pests in the state. A handful of them have been known to not just be dangerous for the landscape and property, but for people. The list includes yellowjackets, earwigs, cat fleas, cutworms, and carpenter bees. Moth flies are also a massive nuisance.

Keeping a Physical Barrier

Trees do not have any control of how and where they grow. They can grow into power lines, and they can grow into a home, literally. The combination of a tree close to or even wrapped around a power line can cause a fire. An electrical fire can take down a home or even a neighborhood. Many boroughs in Connecticut force homeowners to do the Tree Pruning in East Lyme CT independently. They do not send out government workers, forcing homeowners to work with property management companies. If left ignored, a lawsuit could arise. It may also be possible for the city to take legal action against a homeowner if anything did happen, and insurance companies may not cover a home if it was not trimmed up to the standard of the state.

Contact Dunn’s Tree Service for prompt landscape service. The winter is the quiet period. When the spring season hits, plants will begin growing at a tremendous rate. Now is the time to prune up and keep things restrained, for growth can get out of hand fast when the spring rains hit back to back for April and May.

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