Treatment Options a Dentist in Lincoln Square May Offer

A smile is a universal good will gesture. When a person lacks the beautiful smile they desire, however, they may come across as unfriendly and uncaring. Thankfully, advances in modern dentistry are now giving people more options when it comes to correcting problems with their teeth. A Dentist in Lincoln Square can assess the patient’s mouth and come up with a treatment plan that addresses everything from discolored teeth to those that are crooked, failing or missing. Patients are no longer limited to only a few options, thus everyone should make an appointment to have a full dental checkup today.

One of the most common procedures requested at dental offices across America is teeth whitening. Although many companies now sell kits for this purpose over the counter, patients find they obtain the best results when they see a professional. Teeth tend to discolor during the aging process, and certain foods and drinks consumed by individuals can also affect their color. Teeth whitening can restore a beautiful, natural looking smile in a very short period of time, and results will be seen after only one visit.

Others find they need to repair failing or missing teeth. In the past, the patient could either choose a bridge or opt for partial or full dentures. Thanks to dental implants, a patient has a new option, one that is better for overall oral health. Bridges require surrounding teeth be altered to support the device and dentures often lead to bone loss in the gum. With the dental implant, these issues are resolved, as a post is placed in the gum to prevent bone loss. An abutment is attached to this post and a crown installed to replace the tooth, with no damage to surrounding teeth. The result is a natural looking tooth that restores the smile to its full glory.

Visit the Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square to learn more about these and numerous other treatment options. Patients may find they benefit from veneers, aligners to repair crooked teeth, crowns and more. Everyone deserves to have a smile they can’t wait to show off and a dentist is more than happy to work with patients to ensure they get exactly this.

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