Treat Your Family to Scrumptious Mayhaw Jelly for Breakfast

Are you looking for a delectable treat to serve your family? A unique and savory food that will have their mouthwatering? If so, you should consider treating your family to the delicious flavor of mayhaw jelly from Moultrie, GA. The mayhaw berry is only found growing in the swamps of Georgia, a berry that is in season for a few weeks in the month of May. While the berry tastes similar to an apple, it has a distinct flavor that packs delicious a punch when you taste it. Often, the mayhaw is cooked into a delicious jelly that can be served with or on a variety of foods to give them an unforgettable flavor.

How the Jelly is Used

Mayhaw jelly in Moultrie, GA goes perfect on a nice slice of toast or slathered on a hot biscuit for breakfast. People even enjoy the jelly on bagels or as a snack on crackers when they have a craving mid-day. Another way you can find mayhaw jelly being served up in the southern states is as a condiment added to various types of meat dishes such as wild game or chicken. There are endless possibilities on how to enjoy this delectable jelly that has been found in numerous southern homes for generations.

Order from a Trusted and Established Company

At Stripling’s General Store, their primary focus is to provide customers with the authentic southern foods they can’t get elsewhere. A family-owned and operated business, they are well-known for their sausage and have added various other products to their shelves over the years, such as jerky, pickles and a range of jams and jellies. If you want all this and more, you can either stop by in person or shop online to have a little bit of southern comfort shipped directly to your home.

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