Traditional or Trendy: Choose from a Large Selection Of Designer Rings in Colorado Springs

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Jewelry

Throughout history, finger rings have enforced customs, expressed desires, denoted social status, or signified membership and authority.The engagement and wedding ring started as a braided grass cord a caveman tied around his intended’s ankle, wrist, or waist to control her spirit. Pliny the Elder wrote about the ring’s reappearance during the 2nd century BCE when grooms gave brides gold rings to wear at special events. The groom also gave a second ring made of iron to wear at home, reminding his bride and the public of the legally binding contract stating husbands owned their wives. Wedding rings continued as ownership bands in Asia, tagging the wives that sheiks and sultans owned through the 1st century BCE. Fortunately, the meanings attached to engagement and wedding rings have changed. Both men and women wear today’s wedding bands as symbols of egalitarian devotion.

Couples often start by browsing catalogs for inspiration, then visit a jeweler like tri gem international diamond co. to choose stones that best reflect their dedication. Band and setting choices have grown from gold and iron of antiquity to gold in rose, white, and yellow tones. Couples seeking a traditional diamond engagement ring and wedding band set can rely on certified jewelers to explain each certified diamond’s qualities. Trendy couples might choose a perfect diamond but can also explore rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Both traditional and trendy couples can create a unique set from loose stones, custom settings, and bands, or choose from the largest Selection Of Designer Rings in Colorado Springs.

The wedding set created in the 1920’s may not suit the 21st century bride, but a Colorado Springs jeweler may move the stones to a modern setting, then pay top dollar for the original band’s gold or silver. With over 30 years of experience and their Selection Of Designer Rings in Colorado Springs, these jewelers can appraise outdated jewelry based on today’s market. The jewelers can then buy these pieces or owners can keep them, enjoying the jewelry’s newly discovered value. Couples often return to their jeweler for gifts marking new births, graduations or retirements, then shop for gold and silver gemstone jewelry, or the Rolex watch a spouse has wanted, during the winter holidays. A trusted jeweler eases gift giving with a large selection to choose from and warranties that protect value. Memorialize life’s important milestones by visiting a local jeweler.

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