Top Uses and Benefits of Plasma Rich Platelet

Prp, plasma rich platelet, is a treatment pioneered in the 1970’s for treating pain and injuries such as arthritis and muscle strain. However, since it is a relatively old treatment and its use has died down somewhat due to its high price tag, there is a debate on whether or not it is still a valid treatment. These are some ways that plasma rich platelet is still used and the benefits it can have:

1. Stimulate Healing

Pain Science describes the process in layman’s terms as bathing infected cells with a mixture of your own blood. The blood is removed from the body with a syringe, spun in a centrifuge, and injected back into the body, usually into muscles. This isn’t a cure in itself but intended to stimulate healing of injuries. The body has an amazing natural ability to heal itself. PRP is intended to help it along.

2. Sports Injuries

PRP Plasma rich platelet is particularly common amongst pro athletes and even hobbyist athletes for treatment of sports injuries, as it aids with the regeneration of muscle tissue. There are a number of conditions it can assist with, such as patellofemoral pain or IT band syndrome, sometimes referred to as ‘runner’s knee’.

3. Placebo Effect

Plasma rich platelet isn’t a cure by itself, but it is surprising how much he placebo effect works, even if you are aware it’s a placebo. The human body reacts much more strongly to injected treatments than to pills or anything that is ingested, and even more so by anything that requires a visit to a doctor’s office. Even the idea that it is something that pro-athletes do can have a psychological healing effect.

While it should be used in combination with other treatment, getting a plasma rich platelet treatment from a trusted medical organization such as Ace Pain will go a long way to healing your pain and boosting your body’s natural healing process.

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