Top Signs that You Are in Need of Furnace Repair in Chicago Loop

The average lifespan for a furnace is estimated to be around 15 years if you take care of it the way that you are supposed to. If you take care of your furnace by having a reputable furnace repair company come to your home and maintain it on a regular basis, then it should last you quite a while. However, you need to know what the signs are that you need to take advantage of furnace repair in Chicago Loop. Read on below for a few of those signs.

You’ve Been Ignoring or Neglecting Your Furnace

If it has been a year or longer since you have given your furnace the time of day, then furnace repair in Chicago Loop may be in order. If you have noticed that your bills are getting higher and higher during the winter months, it might be because your furnace needs a good cleaning and possibly to be repaired.

Thumps, Bangs, or Scrapes in the Night

If you are being awakened by thumps, bangs or scraping noises in the night, it probably doesn’t mean you are being haunted by ghosts. What it could mean is that something is wrong with your furnace. You should call in your HVAC repairman to take care of the problem for you. Trust that these noises will not go away on their own.

The Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

It’s winter, so the air coming out of your furnace should be warm, not cold. If you notice that the air is cold and takes forever to heat up, if at all, then you need a repairman right away.

These are just a few of the reasons that you should call a furnace repair service. For more information and to get your furnace repaired right away, contact the professionals at DELJO Heating and Cooling for help.

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