Top Reasons You’ll Need a Lawyer if You Get in an Accident With a WI Truck

If you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of getting into an accident with a semi-truck, you will definitely want to hire the services of an experienced attorney. The main reason for this is that if you do not, you’ll quickly find out how to have trucking companies avoid liability after truck accidents.

Claims Of Independence

The first thing that a trucking company will try is claiming that the driver is an independent contractor. By claiming this, they are trying to shift liability to the driver’s insurance company instead of their own. Of course, the driver very rarely ever has their own insurance because they believe they are covered by the trucking company for whom they are driving. An experienced South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer will be able to prove that the driver is actually employed by the trucking company and so the company’s insurance company is liable for any damage and injury claims.

Shifting Blame

Another trick that trucking companies like to partake in is playing the blame game. After an accident occurs they will try to place the blame on anyone but themselves. Everything from other drivers to the condition of the road itself will be in their sights. This is actually one of the most popular ways how to have trucking companies avoid liability after truck accidents.

Dirty Tricks

Another dirty trick that they will try is attempting to downplay how injured you really are. They will even go so far as to hire private investigators in an attempt to prove you are not really injured. Hire a South Milwaukee trucking accident lawyer to stand behind you.

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