Top Reasons To Use Inconel Studs

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Construction Equipment

In today’s industrial construction industry, the need for specialized alloys and fastener options drives an increasing demand for products that were simply not available on the market even a few years ago.

This includes the super alloys or the high-performance alloys that have typically been developed for a specific application, often aerospace, and then migrated to use in a broader range of applications. One of these super alloys is Inconel, which continues to find an increasing market outside of their original use.

The Basics of Inconel

Inconel studs used in stud welding systems, as well as other components made of the Inconel, had their early origins in the jet engine industry. This super alloy was developed in England specifically for use in the Whittle jet engine in the 1940s.

The benefits of using Inconel for weld studs as well as other components is the ability to withstand use in environments where extreme heat, as well as pressure, is a factor. This material is also highly oxidative and corrosion resistant, even in salt water marine applications or in applications in the aerospace industry.

Today, you will find Inconel used in the manufacturing of gas turbines, turbocharger rotors, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and in generators and natural gas processing equipment. With its resistance to high temperatures and pressures it is also used in vehicles and fasteners, including Inconel studs, can be found in many applications including the manufacturing of cryogenic tanks as well as in ship building applications.

Stud Welding

Typically, in the construction of tanks, vessels, and ships, Inconel studs will be used with the drawn arc stud weld systems. This system is suited to the larger diameter studs needed for the pressure and forces on the studs.

Choosing a quality supplier with the ability to provide the volume of studs required for a large project will be an important consideration. Always verify with the supplier the order required and verify delivery to avoid delays in ordering.

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