Top Reasons To Consider Cremation Services In Lynnwood, WA

Not so long ago, burial was far more common than cremation in the U.S. However, in recent years, the trend has flipped, with more people choosing cremation than burial. Now that the practice has gained wide acceptance, even among religious groups traditionally opposed to it, people are increasingly aware of the many benefits of Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa.

Cremation Is Less Expensive Than Burial

One of the most often-cited reasons for choosing cremation over burial is the lower cost. In fact, cremation can be less than half the price of burial since the latter involves so many more expenses, such as a casket and all of its accouterments, embalming, and the grave itself.

Cremation Is More Flexible

Another advantage of cremation is flexibility in terms of when the ceremony takes place and where the remains are kept. A cemetery made more sense for people at a time when children tended to stay close to their parents as adults, but nowadays, most people live in many different places throughout their lives. Consequently, there is less attachment to the idea of a family burial plot, and it makes more sense to keep remains in a portable urn.

Cremation Allows Freedom From Tradition

By skipping the traditional burial ceremony, family members of the deceased can dispose of the ashes in more personally meaningful ways. For example, ashes can be scattered in multiple places that were special to the deceased. Miniature urns can be worn as jewelry. There are even services that can transform cremated remains into a diamond.

Cremation Is Environmentally Friendly

Burial introduces multiple contaminants into the ground, including embalming fluids and the casket itself. While the process of cremation does produce a large amount of CO2, some funeral homes are beginning to use methods that minimize CO2 emissions.

Cremation Takes Up Less Space

Another environmental concern has to do with space. A coffin takes up space in the ground or in a vault, and this becomes a problem in cities with a high population density. Moreover, when cemetery space becomes limited, prices of cemetery lots rise out of the reach of many families. Cremation Services In Lynnwood Wa allow people to save both money and space.

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