Top Questions You Must Ask Your Credit Card Processing Service

The world of ecommerce has grown to amazing proportions, offering retail possibilities to small startups in a level companies could have only dreamt of in the past. With a minimal inventory and rudimentary delivery capabilities, it’s extremely simple to set up an online store and build a web store dedicated to your product and craft.

The difficulty, then, comes in choosing the best way to get paid for your services and goods. Some alternative payment options like PayPal are always acceptable, and as per Entrepreneur, they should always be a part of your payment options, but the by far most common and most used form of payment on the Internet is still the credit card. As such, choosing a reliable and experienced credit card processing service is important. Before you make your choice, here are some of the questions you should ask first.

Is your service compatible with your web store? It goes without saying that the most important question is to make sure that your store is compatible with your processor. So, as long as you use a relatively common ecommerce platform, there should be no problem availing the services of most reputable credit card processors.

Exactly what fees will be charged? Every single transaction comes with transaction fees – but what other processing fees do you have to pay whenever someone swipes their card? How much of every transaction is going to the processor, and how much of that is too much?

How much customer support is available? Credit card processors are the final gateway between a customer’s money and you. That final exchange that turns a lead into a sale depends on the process being a success – and when something goes wrong, you need to have access to all the customer service tools you can get – including 24/7 support.

So long as you properly vet your credit card processing services, and stick to quality, reputable, and experienced providers – like eData Pay – there will be no issues getting your goods off the shelves and getting paid promptly.

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