Top Cities for Medical Device Sales Jobs

Looking for a career in medical device sales? If you are, you’ll definitely want to start your search in areas that offer the most jobs within the industry. With a positive job outlook for the rest of 2016 and heading into 2017, companies are expanding their sales forces while consistently hiring new employees.

So, what are some of the top cities for medical device sales jobs? Read on to find out!

Los Angeles

As the nation’s second-most populated metropolitan area, the number of available medical device sales jobs in Los Angeles really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Nearly 4 million people call the City of Angels home and there are over 100 major hospitals and countless medical centers all in need of quality devices to treat their patients. Enjoy the countless perks of this capital of Southern California including unbeatable weather year-round by securing a medical device sales job here.

San Francisco

The City by the Bay has a storied history of providing not only numerous device sales opportunities, but also some of the very best opportunities anywhere in the U.S. Begin your San Francisco medical device sales job search today and imagine relocating to a hip and trendy center of culture, fashion, and art. The city’s storied skyline serves as a beautiful backdrop for a work environment, not to mention the Golden Gate Bridge is as inviting as it’s ever been.


With nearly 60 jobs currently available, Seattle boasts some of the highest numbers of medical device sales employment opportunities in the country. The birthplace of grunge music, salmon-tossing, and coffee (ok, maybe not as much as Starbucks would have you think) Seattle is a multi-cultural melting pot of northwestern Americana. Experience the Emerald City for yourself by landing a coveted medical device sales job in Seattle today!


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the job market. Dallas medical device sales jobs are a hot commodity and are popular because the Big D offers a classic Texas feel with a refreshing touch of modernity. From cowboys and cattle to sushi and cyber cafes, you’ll find it all here in Dallas. Texas offers a number of distinct metro areas that are booming with sales opportunities including the Dallas/Fort Worth region, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, the latter of which is mentioned below.


The fourth-most populous city in the U.S. and the largest city in Texas, Houston is hurriedly keeping up with supply and demand in the field of medical device sales and service. With such a large and growing population, adequate medical care is important and it’s also increasing at a rapid rate. Medical device sales in Houston are booming and the jobs are about as plentiful as anywhere you’ll find in the entire country. With warm, tropical air and plenty to see and do around town, Houston represents a wonderful opportunity to grow a career.


There are more medical device sales jobs in Chicago than in any other city in the country, and rightfully so. As the third-largest city in the U.S., there are countless hospitals, medical and surgical centers, and of course, doctor’s offices located in and around the Windy City. Chicago is a bustling metropolis with about as much entertainment as anyone could ever ask for, but the area still offers a quaint and folksy Midwestern feel if you venture just 30 minutes outside of town. Land a job here and enjoy the best deep dish pizza in the world, a classic Chicago street hot dog, and cheer on some of the most successful sports teams in the world.

Whether you’re looking to relocate for employment or simply for personal reasons, make the wise choice and begin by researching areas that offer the most job opportunities. The six cities listed above represent some of the very best employment opportunities in the country and each of them boasts unique atmospheres that are quite attractive to both employers and employees alike. Start your search today!

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