Top 3 Ways You Might Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been injured due to no fault of your own and are filing a personal injury law suit, the first thing you need to do is hire a reputable Chicago personal injury attorney to help you present your case in court. Even then, there are a few common ways that people shoot themselves in the foot as the saying goes and end up losing the law suit and regretting it later. Read on below for some of the ways that you might lose your personal injury law suit if you aren’t careful.

Having No Expert Witnesses

It is important to not only have a Chicago personal injury attorney in your corner; you have got to have an expert witness if you hope to win your case. For example, if your son was injured in an accident in a stores elevator, you could very well lose the case if your lawyer failed to produce an expert witness to show exactly how the accident could have happened.

Contributing to the Accident itself/Negligence

One quick way to lose your case is by contributing to the accident yourself. For example, if you dive off the diving board at the hotel into the shallow end, knowing you could be hurt, you have put yourself in danger and will most probably lose the case rather quickly. You neglected to look after your own safety and the accident is your own fault, not that of the hotels you are staying at.

No Legal Representation

While it is not required and isn’t necessary in some cases, it is best to contact an attorney in any personal injury case. Not having legal representation can come back to bite you in a court of law. A reputable lawyer will be able to call those expert witnesses and may even be able to find information on your accident that you haven’t thought of. Many personal injury law suits have been lost because the victim went into court without adequate representation.

These are just a few of the reasons that you might lose your law suit in court when it comes to a personal injury case. From having no legal representation to having no expert witnesses, don’t lose your case over things that could have been provided. The best thing to do is hire a reputable law firm to see you through the case.

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