Top 2018 “Invisible” Garage Door Trends

Advanced technology has created a situation where trending garage doors are more about function than fashion. Whether you want to upgrade an existing garage door or are designing your new vacation home, being up on current trends means your garage door is a cut above the rest. The following three features are a must-have for any garage doors in Palm Bay, FL.


Hurricanes are a serious concern in Florida, meaning weather-proofing is an important feature every garage door must have. This ranges from better insulation to metal reinforcements capable of withstanding high winds. This doesn’t need to affect the look of your garage door since most of these features are placed inside your garage, unseen from the outside.

Automatic and Keyless Features

If your garage door doesn’t open automatically when you approach or at the touch of a button, you’re living in last century. Remote and coded access to your garage door are efficient features that also make your home more modern. As more garage doors in Palm Bay, FL, become automated, if your isn’t, it will start to stand out in a bad way.

Noise Reduction

When it comes to your garage and noise, there are two considerations. How noisy is your garage and how much outside noise does your garage block? A noisy garage is never in style, meaning if you have one that you should get it looked at. Alternately, you can block noise from the outside with proper insulation. This is especially advantageous if your garage doubles as a home office or band practice studio.

Your garage door is an important part of your home. Having a modern garage door prevents your home form sticking out like a sore thumb and makes it easier to sell in the future. Garage doors in Palm Bay, FL, are on the cutting edge of technology and style, don’t miss out. Contact Paradise Garage Door Service for more information!

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