Top 10 BA Interview Questions – Not to miss

Are you preparing for business Analysis interview and losing your sleep over what and how to prepare?

I wish I knew the questions that I will be asked in the interview.

How do I crack the interview? Is there any way I can prepare for the questions that will be asked.

Here’s a list of top ten BA interview questions that you should not miss.

  1. Tell me something about yourself and give a short description of your professional journey till now.
  2. How is business analysis process carried out?
  3. How’s your experience with difficult stakeholders and how did you deal with the same in your experience
  4. What are the different techniques used in requirements elicitation and how do you chose the techniques based on context?
  5. How do you deal with conflicting requirements and decide on which can be picked up?
  6. What are the major components of Requirements Management plan?
  7. What are the various modelling techniques used and how do you chose the techniques based on context
  8. What are the various modelling tools you have used in your career?
  9. How do you rate yourself as a BA on a scale of 1 to 10? What are your strengths as a BA
  10. What has been your most challenging experience in the BA career and how did you deal with it

Here’s an wonderful product from Adaptive where you take a live video  interview on real BA questions/concepts and submit it to an expert and get a feedback on the performance, areas to improve on. This gives you the venue to prepare well before the real interview and face the interview like a star and grab the offer.

Isn’t that really cool for all the BA aspirants, take the interview and shine in your next interview.

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