TMJ Pain & Treatment in New York: How Lasers are Beneficial

TMJ pain & treatment in New York has taken a new form with lasers. TMJ disorders affect about 10 million Americans. While some of them only experience mild problems, some have nearly debilitating pain and the inability to open their mouths enough to get food inside without causing pain. TMJ issues can be caused by trauma to that joint, but many people don’t know the cause or why it happens. It’s highly difficult to diagnose it, which means it can be hard to treat. However, once it is diagnosed as TMJ issues, you can opt for laser treatments from your dentist.

What is Laser Treatment?

Lasers can be used to treat various degrees of TMJ disorder. Whether you have mild pain and slight jaw impairment or severe issues, it can be beneficial to you. Sometimes, the pain radiates to the neck and shoulders, which can cause you more significant pain and pain throughout the body. You may also experience frequent headaches from muscle inflammation when you open and close your mouth.

Lasers use light photons to penetrate into the temporomandibular joint tissues and the joint itself. The laser energy can decrease inflammation deeper into the tissues, which promotes nearly immediate relief and can help stimulate the healing process.

Consider High Energy Lasers

While it’s based on what your dentist offers, you may want to ask about high-energy lasers because their power can penetrate more deeply into the tissue. Along with such, large tissue volumes can be treated at the same time.

The temporomandibular joint regulates the up-and-down and the side-to-side motions of your jaw. The muscles that cross and support the joint put more force on the joint, causing inflammation. Laser treatment gives you immediate relief from pain and produces warmth where the pain site is located.

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