Tips to Help Prepare You for Root Canals in Lumberton, TX

Root canal therapy is commonly used to treat severely damaged or painful teeth. This procedure may be the only alternative to extraction for many patients. If you have a deep cavity or an infected nerve, there is a high probability your dentist may recommend a root canal to save the tooth. Root Canals in Lumberton TX are frequently ordered by dentists, and they are successful in most cases. If you are scheduled for a root canal, there a few things to do to prepare yourself for the procedure.

Treat Any Infections

In many instances, Root Canals in Lumberton TX are ordered because of a severe tooth infection. If this is the reason for your root canal, your dentist will most likely prescribe an antibiotic to fight the infection. Root canals involve opening up the tooth. Bacteria in your mouth may travel into the tooth or even make it into your bloodstream. To prevent this, be sure to take all antibiotics as prescribed before your appointment. This will also prevent problems with the tooth following the procedure.

Tackle Any Fears

There are many people who are afraid of dental procedures. If you are feeling anxiety about your root canal, be sure to speak with your dentist about your fears. Dentists deal with fearful patients on a daily basis, and they have different ways to help combat your nervousness. Many dentists prescribe anti-anxiety medications before root canal treatments. These medications are meant to be taken before the appointment, and they work by calming your mind for a short amount of time. For extremely fearful patients, the dentist may recommend sedation during the appointment. If you are sedated, you will be asleep and won’t remember a thing. Be sure to have someone drive you to and from your appointment if you are given sedation medication.

If you need a root canal, it is important to prepare yourself before your appointment. Be sure to take any medications that have been prescribed by your dentist, and be open with your dentist about any apprehensions you may be feeling. For further education, click here to learn more about what happens during the actual procedure. Once the root canal is complete, your tooth will be pain-free.

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