Tips On Trash Removal in Rochester NY

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Recycling

No matter how much of a chore taking out the trash may seem to be, it is still an activity that needs to be performed on a weekly basis. There are ways, however, that trash duty can be simplified a bit. To that end, here are some tips on trash removal in Rochester NY.

• Never mix trash and recyclables. These two forms of waste need to be kept separate in different containers. Not only is keeping recyclable material such as cardboard, glass, and plastic apart from such things as food waste good for the environment, it makes the trash collector’s job much easier also. In fact, in some cities, there may be local ordinances which require residents to recycle.

• Don’t overfill the garbage can. If the space inside the can is used efficiently, there should be more than enough room to keep the lid of the can closed securely. If the lid cannot fit on a routine basis, it is time to get a larger garbage container. Some companies may even refuse to take the trash away if the lid does not properly fit on the can.

• If a renovation is being done, or a person is moving into or out of a home, then it would be a good idea to rent a dumpster. Large projects will result in trash that will be unable to fit inside the regular trash can. Unless the resident is planning on hauling these items to the landfill themselves, it would be prudent to go the dumpster route.

• Make sure the can is taken out the night before, this way the pickup will not be missed. The lid should be secure so that pesky animals such as raccoons do not get into the trash at night. No homeowner wants to wake up to garbage strewn around their yard or sidewalk.

• Place the trash can so that it is not blocked by trees, mailboxes, etc. This will ensure that the collector will have easy access and that the procedure can run smoothly and efficiently.

Schedule an appointment for trash removal by clicking here and filling out the requested information. A garbage-free future is just a click away.

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