Tips on Preventing Back Pain in Clarksville, TN

More people miss work every day because of back pain than from any other single cause. This is true everywhere in the world. The structure of the human back is an engineering marvel, but it’s also fragile and easily damaged by everyday activities.

There are several common causes of Back Pain in Clarksville TN. Not all back pain is preventable, but frequently a little action and forethought can keep you moving freely rather than hobbling bent over or sleeping in a chair.

Warm Up Before Working or Playing Hard

Professional athletes are subject to the same aches and pains as everyone else in addition to the demands put upon their bodies by their sports. They train every day, but are always careful to prepare themselves for the rigors of training. Knowing and performing the right warm up techniques is essential.

Plan on a 5-10 minute warm up period before that long bike ride or game with your friends. Perform the same warm ups if planning to spend part of the day digging up the garden, cleaning out the garage or performing any type of extended physical activity.

Use Correct Lifting Techniques

Using the wrong lifting procedure can put you flat on your back in bed. Many large businesses like Walmart or UPS teach employees how to lift items safely.

  • Keep your back straight. Bend at your knees, not your waist.
  • Hold the item close to your body. The farther away the item is held, the more stress is put on your back.
  • An item should never be held lower than your knees or higher than your armpits.
  • Don’t try to move any item alone that weighs more than 20% of your total weight. Ask someone else to help.
  • This is very important – never twist or turn while lifting. Face the item head-on while picking it up. Don’t turn at the waist to change direction, move your whole body.

Don’t Sit for Long Periods

  • Get up every 20 minutes to stretch or move around.
  • Try to maintain a straight spine while using the computer, reading or driving.
  • Use a chair with good back support.
  • Men – don’t sit on a fat wallet for hours.

Fort Campbell Chiropractic is committed to providing the finest chiropractic care to each patient. Not all back pain is preventable. When you need treatment for Back Pain in Clarksville TN, give us a call at 931-920-0077.

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