Tips on Pet Grooming in Alexandria

It’s too bad that pets do not come with washing instructions. There are several things to keep in mind when determining a suitable bathing schedule. Those in the business of Pet Grooming in Alexandria provide some tips and insight on when furry companions need a bath and how often.

Consider the Weather

The weather will have an impact on how willing a dog is to take a bath. Many are less likely to want to cooperate when it is cold outside. Luckily, in the colder weeks and months, many dogs are less likely to spend as much time outside. This makes it a little easier to keep them clean and avoid bathing unless necessary.

Fur Length

The size and thickness of a dog’s fur is a factor that is important to consider when deciding on a bathing routine. Dogs with very thick coats, like an American Eskimo, have a double coat. This calls for a product that ensures a deep cleaning. They can get away with bathing once per month since many spend a lot of time outside. On the other hand, their shorter haired friends really shouldn’t go longer than a month between treatments.

Activity Level

Dogs that spend a great amount of time outdoors are no doubt going to get dirtier and require regular baths to ensure cleanliness. In this case, it might be best to line up Pet Grooming in Alexandria so they can use special shampoos for the pet’s fur type and be certain to use proper brushing and grooming techniques during the process. Washing their coat properly will help to rid the pet of dirt, contaminants, and allergens that can spread throughout a home and cause illness for others.


Normally, if a dog is suffering from seasonal illnesses, it is best to delay their bath a week or two. If the dog isn’t feeling well, they will more than likely become agitated and sick and might not cooperate with the groomer. Allow them time to fully recover before making an appointment for another wash.

Those that are still not sure how often to bathe their pet can reach out to Business Name. The professionals there can offer expert advice and offer specialized solutions to help your four-legged friend maintain their health and hygiene.

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