Tips on Overcoming Dental Phobia From a Dental Clinic in Apple Valley, MN

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Dental Health

One of the most rewarding feelings that a dentist can have is the delight on a patient’s face when they first look in the mirror and see their brand-new smile. They beam with happiness and can’t wait to give a great big smile to everyone they meet. It’s a great day for everyone at the Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN.

Dental Phobia – a Real Problem for Many

Unfortunately, about one person in four becomes so anxious when they consider going to the dentist that they delay or go without necessary treatment. The smile that they long for is only a dream and never becomes a reality and overall health can suffer.

The First Steps on Dealing With Dental Phobia

* Acknowledge the Fear:

* Until you admit to yourself and your dentist that there is a problem, it can’t be resolved.

* Figure Out the Cause:

* The underlying problem could be a bad childhood experience, an anxiety disorder, fear of the dentist’s chair or something else entirely.

* Is Help Needed?:

* Some people are able to resolve their dental phobia on their own. Other times, PTSD or another complex and deep-seated issue may require professional assistance.

* Make a Commitment and a Plan:

* It will not be possible to overcome dental phobia overnight, but it is normally possible when there is a commitment to resolve the issue and a plan.

Tips on Overcoming Dental Phobia

* Don’t Go Alone:

* Bring a friend or relative.

* Meet the Dentist:

* A 10 minute visit could be very helpful in becoming comfortable with the dentist and discussing your fears.

* Take a Look at the Instruments:

* Take a look at what will be used as this will help remove fear of the unknown.

* Be Informed:

* Ask to be kept informed of what is happening and will happen throughout the procedure.

* Establish a STOP Signal:

* Work out a signal with the dentist, such as raising the left hand, that will stop work if necessary.

* Play Music:

* Distract yourself with a new CD for maximum interest.

* Try Relaxation Techniques:

* Controlled breathing or progressive muscle relaxation can be helpful.

At the Dakota Dental & Implant Center, Dr. Nelson is truly concerned about each patient and their comfort during dental procedures. If going to the dentist has been a problem in the past, try the Dental Clinic in Apple Valley MN for exceptional and compassionate dental care. Visit the website to request an appointment.

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