Tips For Working With the Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Myers

Facing criminal charges can be stressful, no matter what they are. It can be especially stressful if a person finds themselves facing serious charges that could result in major penalties. Thankfully, defendants have the right to seek help from the Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Myers. Knowing what to expect from hiring a defense lawyer will prepare a defendant for the process of defending their charges.

What Happens When Someone Hires a Criminal Lawyer?

There are many services a defense lawyer will provide their client with, depending on the type of charges and the penalties faced. The following are the steps a defendant can expect their lawyer to take through the course of representing their client.

•The first step in the process is for the criminal lawyer to meet with the prosecution to determine what charges are being filed against the defendant and what penalties may be pursued. At this meeting, the lawyer will be able to acquire information on any evidence the police have to link the defendant to a crime. Knowing this information will help the lawyer build a defense against the charges.

•The lawyer will perform an investigation and begin to gather evidence and eyewitness statements that will be used in defending the charges. It is important ample evidence is gathered so the defense will be as strong as possible.

•The lawyer will work with the prosecution to see about getting the charges dropped or reduced. They may work to create plea deals that would benefit their client and reduce the impact on their client’s life.

•Should the defendant be found guilty, there is always the right to appeal. Lawyers are imperative to the appeals process and can sometimes help their client get an unfavorable outcome overturned.

Get Legal Help Today

If you are facing criminal charges, you need the help of the Criminal Defense Lawyers in Fort Myers. Contact the Law Office Of James W. Chandler P.A. right away so an appointment can be scheduled. With a consultation, defendants can learn more about the rights they hold and how a lawyer can help. There is no reason to face these serious charges alone.

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