Tips For Using A Digital Pressure Manometer

There are always options to consider when using any type of measurement device, and using a digital manometer is no different. These devices are designed to be small, compact and portable as well as dependable, reliable and surprisingly durable.

The new technology in digital pressure manometer models makes them much easier to use than other types of pressure measuring devices. However, there are still easier and harder ways to get an accurate measurement and choosing the easiest and the most effective is always a good choice.

Remember, the digital manometer measures the difference in pressure in the same system, in fact, this is required for it to be considered a differential pressure measurement. Software and programs that allow researchers, scientists and technicians to complete complicated computations at the click of a button also make these devices a good option in any type of application.

Read and Understand the Operating Instructions

While this may seem obvious, taking the time to read through all instructions with any type of digital pressure manometer will be important. For instance, how to change the range on the system or instructions on changing the diaphragm for different types of transducers will be essential if the unit is able to use differential, absolute and gauge ranges.

Simple things like understanding how to set up the system to read to the desired number of decimal points will also be essential. Some systems will allow this to be determined by the user while others will be pre-set with limited ability for modification or adjustment. It is also important to understand the pressure and flow units and how to change the settings to have the unit displayed that is required for the specific testing situation.

Correct Environments

Avoid using any type of digital pressure manometer outside of the environments indicated by the manufacturer. Most of the small hand held units are plastic and are fairly resistant to water, dust and humidity, but they may not be shock resistant and may be very prone to overheating in hot temperatures.

Other units are designed to handle all types of environments and even be used in potentially corrosive pressure media through the use of specially designed pressure ports. Check to make sure the visual display on the unit can also be seen given the lighting conditions, which is very important when real-time readings may be required directly from the manometer and not through a connected computer or device.

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